A sample of one of the reports from Music Admin Pro.

Reports analyse and collate data from all the different areas within Music Admin Pro and cover almost any area you would ever want. There is also a user-section for creating and storing your own reports if you ever wanted to.

There are over a hundred reports within Music Admin Pro. Each report can be sent to the screen, printer, file or to another application like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Each report has many searches attached to it. You can also make up and store your own searches if you wish.

In the report below you can use the searches to print the time-tables for one teacher, all teachers, students in one year group or one class, students in the whole school, students doing external examinations only, etc. There are variety of other time-table reports besides the one below - eg a time-table schedule for each teacher indicating the teacher's students, times, instruments, double lessons, external exam entrants, scholarship, electives, etc.

The clarity of the screen image below has been sacrificed for faster net transfer.


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