"No Music Coordinator can afford to be without Music Admin Pro."

The only complete Music Department or Music School Administration Software, written with inside knowledge of administration needs, by a Music Coordinator for Music Coordinators.


Introduction note to my fellow Music Coordinators

If you are tired of being inundated with administrative duties and feeling disorganised and overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be done in running a music department, there is now finally, a real software solution for your problems called Music Admin Pro.

Having worked as the Director of Music at a large private secondary school with a staff of 45 instrumental music teachers, I am very aware of the problems you face. After exhaustive searching for Music Administration software I found that only a handful of programs existed.

The programs were mostly amateur projects, some very overpriced, and one looked wonderful on the net and when purchased was without substance. As a matter of fact when you got past the hype, almost all of them were very basic in what they provided. Almost all had been developed on the very basic flat-file databases that are available for the home market. These have the very dangerous modeless entry format.

Having degrees in Engineering and Music, and a strong background in software programming, I decided to write a program that handled all administrative aspects of running a Music department. Both the PC and Macintosh versions are available and both are currently in use by a variety of educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, conservatoriums and private music schools. A number of universities make the use of Music Admin Pro a compulsory component for their music teaching degrees.

One of the more exhausting aspects of Music administration is the organisation of the instrumental tuition program. Some of the tasks Music Admin Pro does include scheduling the rotating timetable for the term, organising external exams, keeping track of all the details for students and teachers, student instrumental music progress reports, ensemble participation, instrument hire, purchases by students, invoices to parents for lessons and purchases, stock acquisitions, accession register, instrument and music purchases, the Music Library and the instrument repair details.

This program manages these tasks efficiently, does cross-checks for accuracy in data-entry and automates many procedures. The program is simple to use, and the manual is concise, in clear English and has all procedures written in steps for the novice computer user.

If you wish, SSoM Software has also the facility to do the data entries of all staff, students, ensembles, addresses, and so on. The rate for this service is US$22 (or AUS$30) per hour.

Modification of the program to suit your unique requirement is also possible and charges for these are at very low rates. Quotes are free. For the same cost as employing someone for a couple of weeks, you can now have a permanent assistant in the form of an easy-to-use relational database. Reports and searches in any combination imaginable are available at a touch of a button.

This program will make your life easier. If you are dissatisfied with the product after purchase, you may return the program anytime within 30 days for a full unconditional refund. Please contact SSoM Software if you have any queries.


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