Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Can I import data from my school database?

Yes you can. If for example you are importing student names and personal information, you first need to set up a record for each student with a Student Code and the School Code. Music Admin Pro will then know which student information it needs to import.

I am from a school that sends reports for the invoices, pays and other such account information to the school accounts office which then has its own system of sending invoices out. Can MAP send the relevant accounts information to the Accounts Office?

Yes. Music Admin Pro has two systems of accounts. You can do all the invoicing within MAP or send relevant accounts information as reports to your accounts office.

Can I make up my own reports and searches?

Yes you can, but you will find that MAP has just about everything you will ever need. None of the current users have felt a need to write their own reports.

Can I modify a pre-designed report?

You cannot modify pre-designed reports but you can export all the information to a word processor and modify it there. Another alternative is to make up your own reports within MAP.

If I wish to add additional features in MAP can I customise it for my school?

SSoM can customise the software for your specific needs. There is however a modest charge for customising. All quotes are free.

How many computers can I use to network Music Admin Pro?

You can network Music Admin Pro (MAP) on as many computers as you wish but there is a very small charge for each computer that you place it on. A new registration number is needed for each computer that you place it on or the networking will fail. MAP sits on a state-of-art database engine used by multinationals like Optus, Coca Cola and Telstra, and other giant organisations like NASA. It has lock-out features that can cope with tens of thousands of users accessing the information at any one time. More importantly for you, it has the capacity to be made to do just about anything.

Can I network with different degrees of access to the data? For example I do not wish others to view or edit the teacher pay records or have access to the Maintenance module.

Yes. Music Admin Pro come with 3 levels of access but it can be specially customised further for you to have 7 levels of access.


User Questions

I am having problem installing MAP.

You have selected the button "New Data File" in your installation process. You need to drag the folder Music Admin Pro Folder into your Recycle Bin and start again.

Some of the words on the menus and entry screens are cut off.

Please read page 60 of the manual: Trouble Shooting - Display Issues.

With the accounts sent to parents, I would like to track amounts paid, add notes, do work with taxes collected, etc.

There is a notes section in the accounts section, but if you wish you can easily export the accounts' information to a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel (or even to full blown accounts packages). Select Reports 2 > Student Charges (Invoices to Parents) > Export Info for Recording Payments.

How do we record two addresses for students with separated parents?

Use the following example for John Smith with two parent addresses:

1. Create your main student record as normal. Use this record to enter the main address details.

2. Create another student record for John Smith with the student code like SMJO88. You can use the suffix 88 for two parents, and 99 for the parent-guardian scenario. The suffix will then allow you to recognize the purpose of these records.

3. Select the button Not-a-Student record. This record does not need any other details and is only for addresses. Mark this record as Target Group 5.

4. When you want the labels printed for this second (or third) record merely select the appropriate search (eg Target Group 5) when you print the labels.

Make a note of the existence of the second record in the Notes section (Screen 4) of the main student record.

I have some students who do not learn an instrument at the school but are in the choir and ensembles.

a). Can I enter these students on the database?

b). How do I get the reports to differentiate between these students and the students learning an instrument?

a). Yes these students can be entered on the database. On the student record of these students select the button "Not-a-Stud.record". This step will make sure that these students are not in the reports used for your instrumental tuition program.

b). Reports automatically recognise the intention of the "Not-a-student" records.

For the "Tech Heads":

If for some unforseen reason, you wish to have these "Not-a Stud." records included in a particular report, then duplicate the search you wish to use and then modify it. The steps are as follows:

i). When the search screen appears select the Modify button.

ii). Delete the following line: NOT_A_STUDENT <> YES

For more detail see page 44 of the printed manual under Advanced Search Techniques.